Creating is called as part of the save process and is called when a new record is about to be saved. This event’s default behavior is to handle auto-incrementing when this is defined in the class with the Field_Auto_Increment interface. For this reason, you must make sure to forward the event.

This event can be used to perform any additional processing required for a new record.

Procedure Creating

    Forward send Creating

    Send LogNewRecordData


This message is always called in a locked state. Do not perform user input in this event.

If an Error is declared, the transaction will be rolled back. Errors must be generated using the UserError message or the Error command. See Error Handling in Transactions for more information.

When accessing table values you should always access the global file buffers and not the DDO buffers (i.e., use “Move File.Field to var” syntax). See Understanding File Buffers and DDO Field Buffers for more information.

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