How to set up and test using MariaDB


MariaDB 10.5.4 can be accessed via ODBC, just as any ODBC compliant RDBMS.

Make sure to download and install MariaDB 10.5.4 (or later), its accompanying management studio, HeidiSQL, and MariaDB Connector/ODBC – (

Even if you are going to focus on 32-bit for your application, you must also install the 64-bit MariaDB driver because the DataFlex Studio and other DataFlex tools are 64-bit.


Creating a Unicode Database

1.      Open HeidiSQl by clicking on its icon on the task bar


2.      The first screen is the Session manager – the user and password are already filled in. Click on Open

3.      The session is established and HeidiSQL opens on the main screen

4.      Right-click on the left panel

5.      Select Create new | Database

6.      In the dialog that displays, type the name of the database

7.      The Collation is initially set to the server default. Select the collation to be used by the new database

8.      Click on OK – the new database will display in the session tree

Setting up DSNs in ODBC Administrator

1.      In the ODBC Administrator, select the MariaDB ODBC 3.1 Driver to create a new data source

2.      Make sure to select utf8mb4 as the connection character set


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