Understanding Fonts in DataFlex


DataFlex allows your applications to properly use fonts in Windows. This includes using the default Windows system typeface and font size and it also includes ways to customize font sizes. These capabilities have the following advantages:

These simple guidelines should get you started:

A secondary goal is to not just explain what to do, but to explain why it works. In the next section, we are providing detailed information about fonts and DataFlex. Some of this information may appear complicated, but once understood, you should be able to work with fonts in a much more predictable fashion. Once this is understood, we feel that you will be able to take advantage of the more detailed recommendations for using fonts section and the section about migrating your existing applications.

Of Special Note

If you developed applications in revisions of DataFlex prior to 17.0, please be sure to read the following:

What's New in DataFlex 2012 - 17.0 - Font Changes

Migrating Workspaces - Font Changes


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