Array Variable Assignments

A variable of a particular array type can be copied to another variable of the same array type. For example…

Integer[] iValues iMoreValues

Move iValues to iMoreValues

The above copies the variable iValues to the variable iMoreValues using a deep memberwise copy operation. Each element in turn is copied from the iValues variable to the iMoreValues. The following code would be functionally equivalent to the first example…

Integer[] iValues iMoreValues

Integer iCount iSize


Move (SizeOfArray(iValues)) to iSize

For iCount From 0 to (iSize-1)

    Move iValues[iCount] to iMoreValues[iCount]


Array variable assignments of incompatible types, as well as array variable assignment to/from a non-array type, are illegal, and will result in a run-time error.

Array variables are assignment compatible only if they are of the same type and number of dimensions, and:

  Dynamic arrays adopt the size of the source array in the assignment. And jagged arrays adopt the size of each dimension of the source array in the assignment.

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