Forward Declaring Methods

Methods can be forward declared using the Register_Procedure and Register_Function statements respectively. Forward declaring allows you to reference one procedure or function in some other method before it is formally declared. The compiler would generate an error if you tried to do this without a forward declaration.

Forward declaring Procedure methods

The syntax for forward declaring a Procedure method is:

Register_Procedure {procedure-name} [{type1} {param1} {type2} {param2} …]

Forward declaring Procedure Set methods

The syntax for forward declaring a Procedure Set method is:

Register_Procedure Set {procedure-name} [{type1} {param1} {type2} {param2} …]

Forward declaring Function methods

The syntax for forward declaring a Function method is:

Register_Function {function-name} [{type1} {param1} {type2} {param2} …] ;

    Returns {return-type}

In other words, the syntax for forward declaring a method is the same as the first line of a regular method declaration except that the commands Register_Procedure and Register_Function are used instead. The type, number and order of parameters in the forward declaration must match the real procedure or function declaration.

Examples of forward declaring methods follows:

Register_Procedure DoWriteCharacters String sMessage

Register_Procedure Set  Height       Integer iX

Register_Procedure Set  Width        Integer iY

Register_Function  Height Returns    Integer

Register_Function  Width Returns     Integer

The above example would allow you to reference the registered methods inside the body of some other method declaration even if its own formal declaration has not yet been made.