Control how strict Compiler Warnings should be.

Unlike compiler errors, compiler warnings are not fatal to compilation, but allow adding of informative messages for developers.


CompilerLevelWarning {option} {On|Off}

Where {option} is one of:

CompilerLevelWarning All On

What It Does

This command gives you control over how strict your warning checking should be. By default, these are all off. Not all compiler warnings are optional like this – only the ones that are high overhead, falling on the “picky, picky” side or more a matter of programming preference.

See Also

CompilerWarnings controls the compiler warnings system.

The #Warning compiler directive allows the addition of a compiler warning to code.


The Item keyword was required in older version of DataFlex, but is no longer needed and can be safely omitted.


Set Value of oDbForm1 Item 0 to "Test"

should now be written as:

Set Value of oDbForm1 to "Test"


Some properties still require an item number, but no longer the item keyword:

Set Prompt_Object of oDbForm1 Item 0 to oMyPromptObject

should now be written as:

Set Prompt_Object of oDbForm1 0 to oMyPromptObject