Contains Operator

See Also: Constrain Command, Pos Function, Uppercase Function, Lowercase function


Returns true from an expression in which the value of the second string is contained within the value of the first string.


( {host-string} contains {sub-string} )

where {host-string} is the string being parsed; and {sub-string} the string being searched for. {host-string} and {sub-string} can be either a literal or a string variable.

What It Does

When the value of {sub-string} is present in the value of {host-string}, a contains expression evaluates to 1 (true), and when it is not, it evaluates to 0 (false).


string sTitle


if ((sTitle contains "engineer") OR (sTitle contains "manager")) ;

    send DoCalcBonus

In this example, the procedure DoCalcBonus is called for any value of the string variable title that contains either "engineer" or "manager".


string sFruit


if (uppercase(sFruit) contains "APPLE") ;

    send DoMakeCider

In this example, the procedure DoMakeCider is called whenever the value of the string variable sFruit is made up of the letters of "APPLE", regardless of their capitalization.