The internal buffers that store string variables and text columns are now maintained dynamically, and this allows them to be of any size (within memory limits). If you use Set_Argument_Size in your applications, those commands are ignored and if you use Get_Argument_Size, it returns the current size of the dynamically allocated buffer (which may be meaningless, since the next call using strings will dynamically change this value again).



See Also: Set_Argument_Size


To retrieve the current argument size setting. Argument size is the largest size permitted for string variables.


Get_Argument_Size To {variable}

What It Does

Get_argument_size places the number of bytes the maximum argument size can hold into variable.

integer iArgSize


get_argument_size to iArgSize

In this example, the maximum argument size is moved to Variable argSize.

The default maximum argument size can be found under Argument Size in the DataFlex Specifications book. It can be increased or decreased from this value by the set_argument_size command. Get_argument_size is useful for storing the maximum argument size in effect in a program or a part of a program for later use by the set_argument_size command to restore the maximum argument size after it has been changed elsewhere.

set_argument_size argSize

In this example, the maximum argument size in the program has been set to the value of Variable argSize.