See Also: Dialog and Message Box Functions, Message_Box, Stop_Box, YesNo_Box, YesNoCancel_Box


Displays an information dialog box.

Return Type



Use Windows.pkg


Send Info_Box {sMessage} [ {sCaption} ]


What It Does

Info_Box is used to pop up a modal information message box. The message string {sMessage} is displayed in a message box dialog along with the Information icon and a single OK button.


Send Info_Box "The update has successfully completed"

In the above example, the information dialog's caption bar will read "Information".

Send Info_Box ("Printer is On line.\n" + ;

              "Current Port is" * sPortName) "Printer Status"

In the above example a string expression is used to build the message text. The text will be broken over two lines. The info box will display "Printer Status" in its caption bar.


If the user types Ctrl+C in the info box, the text of the message is copied to the clipboard.


See ShowInfoBox for Web application message boxes.