See Also: String Functions, String Operators (Expression Syntax), Left, RTrim, Trim


LTrim returns a string with leading white space characters removed.

White space characters removed include ASCII characters 9 (horizontal tab), 10 (line feed), 11 (vertical tab), 12 (new page/form feed), 13 (carriage return) and 32 (space).

Return Type



(LTrim( {string-value} ))

What It Does

LTrim removes all spaces to the left of the leftmost non-space character in the {string-value} parameter.

Showln "$" (LTrim("    18.45"))

In this example, the string "$18.45" is shown.

Showln (LTrim("     Joe     "))

In this example, the string "Joe " is shown.


This function returns a value of type string. If the result of this function is moved to a variable of type other than string, its value is converted to the destination type, if possible.