See Also: RefClass, RefProc, RefProcSet, RefTable


Allows referencing a function name in an undecorated manner.

Return Type



(RefFunc( {FunctionName} ))

What it Does

In version of DataFlex prior to 15.1, there were certain places where function names had to be referenced using a decorated name, by prepending "get_" to a function name. Using RefFunc allows developers to use undecorated function names.

This makes referencing function names in such instances more intuitive as developers no longer need to know the special decorated naming convention and when to use it. The use of RefFunc also allows for full CodeSense support in the Studio.


For example, to specify a function to use for database save confirmation, you would have to use code like this:

Set Verify_Save_msg to get_No_Confirmation

Now, you can do this instead:

Set Verify_Save_msg to (RefFunc(No_Confirmation))