See Also: WebPublishFunction


Make a function method available to the WebApp client.


WebPublishFunction FunctionName

Argument Explanation

FunctionName The name of the function to publish.

What It Does

WebPublishFunction makes a procedure available to be called from the WebApp client.

The WebPublish interface forms part of your web application’s security against unauthorized access. When a call is received from a client (browser) the name of the procedure or function that is called is checked against the target object’s list of published methods. Web-publishing a procedure means you are declaring that it is safe to call that method from the client, otherwise the call is rejected and an error is raised.

Only the cWebObject class (or its subclasses) support the WebPublish interface.

Object oMyObject is a cWebObject

    Function MyFunction returns (someDataType)

        // custom code



    WebPublishFunction MyFunction


This example shows how a procedure is declared in a web object and published so that it can be called from the WebApp client using the serverAction interface (see Building Custom Controls for more information).


If you are web-publishing a procedure within a class declaration then you should place WebPublishFunction within the End_Construct_Object declaration.

For more information see Web Properties Methods and Events.



Only subclasses of the cWebObject class understand the interface for publishing a web method.

When used in subclasses, WebPublishFunction must be called from inside Construct_Object or End_Construct_Object.