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The tWebValueTree structure type is used to store 'value tree' data. Value trees are used to pass data between the web server application and the client during Web Framework server calls. They are also used to shuttle data between DataFlex struct arrays and XML SOAP documents.


Type Declaration

Struct tWebValueTree

    String  v

    tWebValueTree[] c



Struct Members


This member carries the data value for a single leaf of the value tree structure. This member should only contain a value if there are no children, i.e. the array member ‘c’ is empty.


This member contains an array of child value trees, each also of type tWebValueTree. This array should only have elements if the ‘v’ member is empty.

The struct member names (‘c’ and ‘v’) are deliberately small, this it to optimize (lower) the size of data that is transmitted during Web Framework server calls.


Use tWebValueTree.pkg


tWebValueTree {variableName}


Declaring variables

To declare tWebValueTree variables, use the name of the type (tWebValueTree) followed by the variable name.

tWebValueTree MyWebValueTree

See struct variables for more details of instantiating struct types.