Create New

Use the Create New dialog to create a new file or component for your current project.

Your project's components and files are created from a template or by running a wizard. Components and files are divided into the following tab page:

The available components in each tab page allow you to create new components by either running a wizard or by creating a component based on an associated template file. If you highlight a template or wizard on one of the tab pages, a brief description of it will be displayed in an info box on the right

As appropriate a new component is added to the current project. You will not be allowed to create the wrong type of component for a project type. Windows components (e.g. views, reports, dialogs) cannot be added to a web project. Web components (e.g. web browser objects, web server objects, Web markup) cannot be added to a windows project. If you wish to select a different current project a combo form at the bottom of the dialog allows you to do this.

The contents of each tab page can be customized allowing you to add your own specialized components based on custom templates (see Configure Create New).


Select the template or wizard that represents the type of file or component you wish to create then click the OK button.


Click the Cancel button to exit the dialog without creating any new files.

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