Create a New Class

The Create a New Class dialog is used to create new classes for windows and web projects and to optionally add these classes to your class palette. Upon completion the class will be created and opened within the Studio.

You can load this dialog by selecting the “New Class” option from the “Class” tab page in the “Create New” dialog (File / New / Class).

Select superclass source from

A new class must be based on an existing class. That class can be selected from one of three sources:

Superclass Name

Select the superclass from a list of classes  in drop down list. The classes in this list are based on the superclass source you selected.

Note: This list excludes obsolete and abstract classes.

Class Name

Select the name for your new class. This name will also be used as the default class filename.

Add to Class Palette / Group

You may choose to add the new class to your class palette. If you do so, you will be asked to select a group name for the class. You may select a name from the existing class palette groups or enter a new group name.

Directory Path

The directory path determines where the new class file will be saved. Normally this should be your AppSrc directory, the default choice, or a sub directory under the AppSrc directory.

File Name

Enter the file name for the new class. By default this name will be the name of the class, which is the recommended name for the file.

Note: the Studio only supports file and folder name characters using the standard ASCII character set (ASCII characters 32-127).


This confirms your changes and closed the dialog. A new class will be created and loaded in the Studio.


This closes the dialog without making any changes

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