DDO Explorer

The Data Dictionary Object (DDO) Explorer displays an overview of the data dictionary objects in the current file.

DDO Explorer Functionality

Use the DDO Explorer to:

The DDO Explorer provides this functionality via two branches of the treeview:

DDO Structure Editor

The structure editor is a "smart" tool that allows you to examine and manipulate the data dictionary structures for data aware components in your project. It uses the DataFlex Application Framework principles to create proper DDO structures.

DDO Column Selector

The column selector allows you to drag and drop columns into the Visual Designer or Code Editor to create data entry objects with a data binding to that column.

DDO Host Objects

Only files with object declarations that support nested data dictionary objects can utilize DDO Explorer. Views (dbView) and Web Views (cWebView) are examples of files with objects that support DDO structures. These files are also referred to as "data-aware components".

When the current file does not support DDO structures, then DDO Explorer will display the following message: "No DDO Host object selected".

If you are editing a file that has multiple structures of objects where one (or more) structure can host DDOs and other structures cannot host DDO structures, then you must use the Code Explorer to select a DDO Host structure to enable DDO Explorer.

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