Docking Windows

The DataFlex Studio uses docking-style windows for the main tools. These windows  support the  features you would expect from an enterprise class environment:

Nested Grouping

You can group windows in a tab style arrangement and display them in any arrangement docked to any side of the Studio desktop.  The docking windows can be grouped together or docked inside one another to make the best use of available space.

Tear Off Tabs

The tabbed windows allow you to drag and "Tear Off" any of the individual tabs to create new windows that can either float or dock along the side of the Studio desktop.  You can also drag and drop to combine windows which will create a new tab in each docking window.   An outline is drawn to depict where your window will be located when you tear off or combine.

Sliding Auto Hide Windows

The Studio supports Auto Hide Panels that are similar to Visual Studio.NET and Microsoft Visio application environments.  These Auto Hide Panels provide a unique way for you to make the most of the Studio desktop by hiding or showing windows with simple mouse movements.

Pinnable Windows

You can pin to your hidden windows, allowing them to stay visible. You can also press the pin to easily hide panes to allow for more area available to your workspace.

Float and Dock Windows

All windows can be floating or docking windows.  You can easily float your docked window or dock your floating window to any side of the Studio desktop, or to any side of any docked window.

Drag-n-Drop Window Positioning

You can easily drag and drop any docking window or tab onto any dockable area such as any side of the Studio desktop or another docking window.

Active Window

The Studio provides visual clues as to which window is currently active or has input focus. When a window is active it caption area will highlight.  This is noticeable in both docked and floating states.

Hide and Show Windows

The Studio allows you to easily hide and show windows to optimize your work area.  You can hide your docked or floating windows at any time by pressing the small ‘x’ located at the upper right side of the caption area.  You can also use the Studio's menus, toolbars and hotkeys to show various windows.

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