New Subclasses Wizard

The new subclass wizard provides a mechanism for creating multiple classes . This is sometimes used to create a “layer” of classes within a workspace or a library. These classes will be based on existing classes and will tend to have a similar naming convention (a similar prefix or suffix).

The new classes will be added to the workspace’s class palette. You will be given the option of removing the superclasses from the class palette. This gives you the ability to easily create a custom layer of classes for a workspace or library.

This wizard will allow you to optionally place of the new subclasses in a file. This file can be used as a precompile package for your projects.

These classes may also all get used by a single file, which is then used a precompiled package.

The wizard is designed to guide your through the creation of these classes.

Note: This wizard excludes obsolete and abstract classes.

Don't use this wizard for the normal class creation process – use the New Class option in the Create New Class tab page instead.

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