Create New Validation Object

Use this dialog to create a new validation object in the current data dictionary class package (.DD file).

Object Name

Enter a name for the new validation object.


Select the validation object type. This determines the object's class and, consequently, its behavior. Choose between:

For more information about the different types of validation object see Using Validation Tables.

Type Value

When you select the Code Validation Table type (above) then you are required to select a Type Value. The Type Value is used to choose the subset of records from the CodeMast table that will populate the validation value and description pairs.

The combo list is populated with existing Type Values from the CodeMast table. Enter the desired Type Value or select one from the combo list.

You can change the type value at any time within the Data Dictionary Modeler.

Apply to Column

A table column must reference a validation object in order for it to perform data-entry validation. Select one or more columns from the data dictionary's table that will use this validation object. Data Dictionary Modeler will generate the necessary code to reference the validation object for each selected column.

You can add new references to the object, or remove references from Data Dictionary Modeler's Columns Tab by activating the Validation Objects dialog.


Click OK to create the new validation object and any column references you selected. The dialog is closed and the new object is added to the Validation Objects list.


Click Cancel to close the dialog without creating a new validation object.

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