Project Properties - General

File Name

This is the filename of the file that stores the current project's source code. This edit box is read-only.

Workspace Name

Displays the name of the current project's workspace.

Application Icon

This is the filename of the Icon that the Linker will embed into your application. This is the icon that will represent the application in Windows Explorer. It is also the icon that will be displayed when the user Alt-Tabs through the running applications on their machine.

This information is stored in the project's .cfg file under the [Application] section.

The Project Properties dialog will attempt to display the icon in the view panel to the right of this edit box.

Load Icon

Click this button to launch the open file dialog for browsing directories for your desired icon or .exe and .dll files.

Remove Icon

Click this button to clear the application icon. The icon file is not deleted, but it will no longer be used to represent the application in Windows Explorer (see Application Icon – above). To remove the icon from the list of icons that are linked into the application you should delete it from the Icons list on the icons tab.


The Run operation supports command-line parameter passing to the application which is launched.

Example: If you set the parameters setting for the Order Entry Application to "-L John" then, when the application is run from the Studio, it will add the string "-L John" to the command line. i.e. "Order.exe -L John".

Build Manifest File

Check this box to generate a manifest file for your application whenever your project is compiled. Manifest files are needed to achieve modern Windows "styles".

The manifest file is placed in the workspace's AppSrc folder and is named <project>.exe.manifest. e.g. the manifest file for the order entry application would be Order.exe.manifest.

Add 'DPI Aware' to Manifest

Check this box to ensure that the necessary <dpiAware>true</dpiAware> fragment is added to the application manifest file.

This declares to the Windows OS that the application is screen DPI-independent and thus functions at high screen resolutions by correctly scaling fonts, control locations and control & window sizes.

When this setting is not checked, then the Windows OS will attempt to "scale" the application when running on a high screen resolution (DPI) by using a bitmap scaling algorithm. Bitmap scaling gives a fuzzy/unpolished appearance to your application but avoids problems that might occur if you are using GUI (pixel) coordinates to size and locate your controls.

Embed Manifest File

Check this box to ensure that the manifest file for the project is linked into the application .exe.

When using embedded manifest files in a project, the mainifest file is moved from Programs to AppSrc and then automatically linked into the resulting executable. If you do not set the project property, the manifest file will automatically be copied to the Programs folder during development.

Auto Generate Menus when Adding Components

The Workspace Explorer supports an Add Component operation.

Check this box if you wish the Studio to maintain special View and Report menus whenever you add a View or Report component.

The code will only be generated if your project.src file contains the correct structure of objects for the main menu.

As a convention, the menu object that will be modified when adding a view must be named oViewMenu. In a windows application report views are also added to a menu object named oReportMenu.

The Windows Project template in the Create New dialog will create an MDI Windows application project with the necessary structure of objects. The New Web Project wizard will do the same for a new web application.

Suppress Compiler Warnings

The Compiler Warning system is on by default, but each project in a workspace can be set to turn off the Compiler Warning system. Check this box to suppress compiler warnings for the current project.

Copy in JavaScript Engine

This checkbox determines whether the JavaScript Engine is automatically copied and maintained in this workspace for this project. This is required for WebApps and Windows programs that use FlexTron components.


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