Start Center

The Studio Start Center guides new users by providing valuable information on how to learn DataFlex and quickly become productive. It also helps experienced users get started with their day’s work and provides important up to the minute product information.

The Start Center is automatically opened when you start the Studio and presents information in three panels:


This panel lists the last nine workspaces you have opened in the Studio. Hover the mouse over a workspace to see the full directory path of the workspace file. Click on a workspace to open it.

You can also click the “Open Workspace” item to open a workspace using the open file dialog.

The Workspace Dashboard will give you an overview of the current state of the workspace and its associated projects.

Click on the “New Workspace” item to start the Studio’s New Workspace Wizard.

Getting Started

The Getting Started panel presents relevant information to help you become as productive as possible with DataFlex.

For new users it presents links to our documentation where you can find the information you need to learn about the DataFlex language, libraries and tools.

For experienced users there are links to information about what has changed and what is new in the current version of DataFlex.

Online Resources

The Online Resources panel presents news, events, product information and technical articles, etc. This information is assembled from our R&D, support and marketing departments and is frequently updated to ensure you have access to all of the latest information relevant to DataFlex development.


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