Tab Windows Interface

The DataFlex Studio uses a tab windows interface to arrange the child windows of each opened file (e.g. Code Editor or Visual Designer windows). This interface lets you select tabs, move tabs within a row and to split them into groups. For example you can easily show your code and designer view side by side.

Changing Tab Order

You can change the left-to-right order of tabs by dragging the tab to the desired position with your mouse.

Creating Tab Groups

Tab groups allow you to position child windows side by side. You can choose to arrange your tab groups horizontally or vertically. The first tab group that you create will determine whether your groups are arranged horizontally or vertically.

You can move a tab window into a new group by dragging a tab towards the right or bottom edge of the Studio’s client area. An outline is drawn to depict where your tab group will be located.

You can also create a new tab group by selecting the appropriate option from the tab’s context menu or by selecting New Tab Group from the Window menu.

Multiple tab groups can be created and tabs can be moved from one tab group to another by dragging the tab or using the tab context menu. You cannot create both vertical and horizontal tab groups at the same time.

A “splitter” appears between tab groups allowing you to resize tab groups with the mouse.

Close Button

Each Tab displays a close button "X". Click the button with your mouse to close that Tab window. Alternatively, close the Tab window using the "middle" mouse button by clicking anywhere on the Tab.

Group Buttons

Each tab group contains four buttons in the upper right corner that support various operations:

Scroll Left / Scroll Right

When there are more tabs open than can be displayed across the Studio window then the tabs can be scrolled left or right by clicking these buttons. Note: These buttons are not available when the tabs are configured to wrap over multiple-rows (see Multi-Row Tabbed Windows).

Active Files

Click this button to drop down a list of all windows currently belonging to the tab group. Select a window from the list to bring it to the front.


Click this button to close the tab window that is currently at the front of the tab group.

File Changed Indicator

 When an open file has be changed, the tabs associated with that file are indicated with the asterix symbol “*”. When the file is saved the symbol is cleared.

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