Table Explorer Filter Settings

Table Explorer supports filtering the tables that it shows in its list. The "Filter Settings" dialog allows you to create, edit or clear filters. Filters are individually set for each workspace.

Tables can be filtered by Name, number and or description. Each filter supports “Starts With”, “Contains”, “Not Contains”, “Greater Than”, “Less Than” or “Equal To” comparison operators.

The current filter options are saved when you leave the workspace and restored when you return to the workspace.

Table Filters

Table Filter are presented in a grid. Three rows are displayed each row in represents a single filter. Each row contains three columns which define the filter:


The Property column defines what table attribute the filter is applied to. These are ‘fixed’ values i.e. they cannot be changed. The available table attributes are:

Table Name: This is the name shown in Table Explorer and Table Editor for each table.

Table Number: This is the filelist number assigned by DataFlex for each table. Table Explorer can be configured to display the table numbers for each table.

Table Description: This is the description shown in the Table Explorer tooltip when you hover the mouse cursor over the table icon for a particular table. It is also shown in Table Editor.


Select one of the available operators from the combo list. The operator defines how the filter “value” (below) is applied to the table property (above). Available operators are: Starts With, Contains, Does not Contain, Greater Than >, Less Than <, Equal To =.


Enter an operand value for the filter. If you leave the value blank then the filter is ignored. String values are not case sensitive, i.e. “Customer” = “CUSTOMER”

Example Filters


Table Name – Contains – “Order”

Table Explorer would only display tables with the table name containing the word “Order”, e.g. “OrderHeader”, “OrderDetail”, “WorkOrder” would all be displayed.


Table Name – Contains – “Product”

Table Number – Greater Than > - 500

Table Explorer would only display tables with the table name containing the word “Product” and table number greater than 500.

Clear Filters

Click the Clear Filters button to clear all filter values.


Index Filters

These filters apply to the index types for the SQL tables in your workspace. They have no effect on embedded database tables.

Filter 'Client-Only' Indexes

Client Only Indexes are defined only in a table's .INT file and not defined on the database Server.

Filter 'Server-Only' Indexes

Server Only Indexes exist only on the database Server and are not defined in .INT files. These indexes should not be referenced in source code, as their numbers can dynamically change.



Click OK to apply the changes you have made to the set of filters and close the dialog.


Click Cancel to close the dialog and abandon the changes you have made to the set of filters.


Click Help to display this help topic.


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