CurrentRowId - BaseData_Set

Returns the RowId of the current record

Type: Function

Return Data Type: RowId

Parameters: None

Return Value

Returns the DDO's current record identifier

Function CurrentRowId Returns RowId

Call: Get CurrentRowId to RowIdVariable



RowId riRow
Get CurrentRowId of hoDDO to riRow

CurrentRowId is used to obtain the current record identity (RowId) of a Data Dictionary Object (DDO). This function can be used store a DDO's record identity so that the record can be refound at a later time.

Procedure ProcessInvoices
    RowId riCurrentInvoice

    Get CurrentRowId of oInvoices_DD to riCurrentInvoice
    Send RunInvoiceReport
    // assume that running this report may change the current record of the DDO
    // therefore we will restore the DDO back to the record we started with  
    Send FindByRowId of oInvoices_DD Invoices.File_number riCurrentInvoice
End_Procedure  // ProcessInvoices

Note that this function returns a RowId data type and that the variable receiving this value must be a RowId variable.

If the DDO does not contain a current record, a Null RowId value will be returned.

Procedure CheckRecord
    RowId riCurrentInvoice

    Get CurrentRowId of oInvoices_DD to riCurrentInvoice
    If (IsNullRowID(riCurrentInvoice)) begin
         Error DFERR_OPERATOR "There is no Record to Process"
    Else Begin
        Send ProcessRecord riCurrentInvoice
End_Procedure  // CheckRecord

You can also use the HasRecord function to determine if a DDO contains an active record.

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