FindByRowIdEx - BaseData_Set

Finds record in specified table with record identity equal to the passed RowId and updates the DDO structure, with silent find errors and returning success or failure

Type: Function

Return Data Type: Boolean

Parameters: Integer iFile RowId riId

iFileNumber of the table in the current filelist
riIdThe RowId record identity of the record to find

Return Value

Function FindByRowIdEx Integer iFile RowId riId Returns Boolean

Call: Get FindByRowIdEx iFile riId to BooleanVariable


FindByRowIdEx works just like FindByRowId, except that it does not raise a find error and returns whether the operation was a success.

Success means the message did what it should, which may not mean that a record was found. If passed a null RowId, it will do a clear, set Found to False, but return True - because the operation was a success.

If it returns False, there is a good chance your record was deleted by someone else.