Class: BaseXmlDomNode [Abstract]

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The ultimate XML abstract superclass designed to handle all XML node types

This is an abstract class and should never be used by a developer for object instantiation. While a developer could use this class for sub-classing, it is not encouraged.



Library: Common (Windows and Web Application) Class Library

Package: none (class defined in runtime)


BaseXmlDomNode is the superclass of all data storage components for XML, both for the document data and its description, whether in DTD or Schema format. A BaseXmlDomNode represents a single node in a Document Object Model tree representation of a document. Subclasses of this class are used to support the each specific type of node (e.g. element, attribute).

Using the XML Classes

The cXmlDomDocument class is the starting point for most XML processing. Refer to the cXmlDomDocument class for more information about the XML Document Object Model (DOM) and using XML within DataFlex. Samples are provided in this section.