Label_Object - ComboEntry

Returns the object handle to the object's label

Type: Property

Access: Read/Write

Data Type: Handle

Parameters: None

 Property Handle Label_Object

Read Access: Get Label_Object to HandleVariable
Write Access: Set Label_Object to HandleVariable/Value


Label_Object returns the object handle to the object's label. The label object is based on the TextBox class. In advanced cases, messages can be sent to this object to customize the label.

This property is maintained by the object and you should never set it yourself. If the handle is 0, the label textbox is not yet created. If it exists, you can access the label's Textbox interface.

ComboForm Height and Vertical Label Location

The height of a ComboForm (or dbComboForm) is more or less fixed by Windows, so you could technically set the height to be anything and the combo form itself would look the same. e.g.

Set Size to 13 95
Set Size to 60 95

The two lines of code above would produce a combo form that looks identical.

However, the Label (Label_Object) of a combo form is positioned to be centered with the height, so we recommend keeping the height always at 13 for consistent label height centering.

If you must set a different height, you can set the Label_Row_Offset to determine the label's vertical location.

Set Label_Row_Offset to 1