Events for DataDictionary

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Define_FieldsDefines DataDictionary rules for data file fields at the class level [Obsolete]
Field_DefaultsHook to specify default values for table columns that will appear after a clear (new record) operation
New_Current_RecordHook for performing operations during save, delete, and clear operations [Obsolete]
OnNewCurrentRecordNotification event that is sent every time the DDO's record is switched
OnPostFindThe messages OnPreFind and OnPostFind are sent before a find and after a find, respectively
OnPreFindThe messages OnPreFind and OnPostFind are sent before a find and after a find, respectively
OnSaveRecordCalled any time a DD record is saved, if there is an actual change to be saved

Inherited Events from DataSet

OnConstrainDefines constraint sets in a DataDictionary object (DDO)

Inherited Events from BaseData_Set

Attach_Main_FilePerforms attach command on main file
BackoutHook for performing operations when editing or deleting a new record
Clear_Main_FilePerforms clear command on main table of this object
CreatingHook for performing operations required when creating a new record
Delete_Main_FilePerforms the actual delete of the record
DeletingHook for performing operations when deleting a record
Relate_Main_FileDoes nothing by default. Called after the normal relate on the main table has been executed.
Save_Main_FileSaves the main file
UpdateHook for performing operations when saving a record
Validate_Cascade_DeleteValidation event sent to every single child record that is about to be deleted during a cascading delete operation
Validate_DeleteGuards execution of delete operation
Validate_Delete_No_CascadeGuards against deleting records with existing child records
Validate_SaveUsed to enforce business rules and integrity rules

Inherited Events from cObject

Construct_ObjectObject constructor. Initializes the object during object creation in class definitions
Destroy_ObjectSent when an object is about to be destroyed
End_Construct_ObjectEnd of object constructor.