Field_Label_Long - DataDictionary

Long description of table column name for form captions, etc.

Type: Property

Access: Read/Write

Data Type: String

Parameters: Integer iField

iFieldNumber of the column in the table

 Property String Field_Label_Long

Read Access: Get Field_Label_Long iField to StringVariable
Write Access: Set Field_Label_Long iField to StringVariable/Value


Long and Short labels may be assigned to every column. Long and short column labels are defined using the Field_Label_Long and Field_Label_Short properties.


Set Field_Label_Long  Field Orderhea.Terms To "Terms of Payment"
Set Field_Label_Short Field Orderhea.Terms To "Terms"

Use Field_Label to get column labels and Field_Label_Long and Field_Label_Short to set column labels.


Get Field_Label Field DD_LABEL_SHORT To sHeaderName
Get Field_Label Field DD_LABEL_LONG  To sLabel

The Field_Label (and File_Field_Label) function provides additional flexibility in determining a label's value.

The same logic is applied when the Studio or Studio Wizards are used to design views and reports. The Studio will apply the long label whenever a form-style control and reports (e.g. dbForm, dbComboForm) are created. The studio will apply a short label when column style controls and reports are created (e.g. dbGrid, dbList).

File and File_Field Interfaces

Many of the DataDictionary methods contain a two variants of the same message: Field_Message and File_Field_Message. For a complete description of these messages please refer to The Field and File_Field DD Interfaces.

The Field_ version of a message must use the keyword FIELD to identify the Table.Column name. The File_Field_ version must use the keyword FILE_FIELD to identify the Table.Column name. These should never be mixed!

// When using Field_ message use the FIELD keyword
Set Field_Label_Short Field OrderHea.Terms to "Name"
Set Field_Label_Long Field OrderHea.Terms to "Customer Name"

// When using the File_Field_ message use the FILE_FIELD keyword
Set File_Field_Label_Short of oCustomer_DD File_Field OrderHea.Terms to "Name"
Set File_Field_Label_Long of oCustomer_DD File_Field OrderHea.Terms to "Customer Name"

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