Field_Mask_Type - DataDictionary

Gets/sets the mask type of a table column

Type: Property

Access: Read/Write

Data Type: Integer

Parameters: Integer iField

iFieldNumber of the column in the table

 Property Integer Field_Mask_Type

Read Access: Get Field_Mask_Type iField to IntegerVariable
Write Access: Set Field_Mask_Type iField to IntegerVariable/Value


Field_Mask_Type controls the mask type of the column. This property may be set to any mask type consistent with the data type of the column. Doing so will automatically use the default mask (if any) for the mask type.

Valid values:

Mask_Window Masked String data type
Mask_Numeric_Window Masked Numeric data type
Mask_Date_Window Masked Date data type
Mask_DateTime_Window Masked DateTime data type
Mask_Time Masked Time data type
Mask_Currency_Window Masked Currency data type
Ascii_Window Unmasked String data type
Date_Window Unmasked Date data type
Number Unmasked number data type with number digits (0..8) to the right of the decimal point

Use of Mask_Currency_Window will apply a mask generated from the Default_Currency_Mask (see details below) for the column.

Use of Mask_Numeric_Window will apply a mask generated from the Default_Numeric_Mask (*).

The Field_Mask property can be used to specify the mask for columns of any mask type, and will override the defaults of those types that have defaults.

For non-data-bound control, use peDataType instead of Field_Mask_Type.

File and File_Field Interfaces

Many of the DataDictionary methods contain a two variants of the same message: Field_Message and File_Field_Message. For a complete description of these messages please refer to The Field and File_Field DD Interfaces.

The Field_ version of a message must use the keyword FIELD to identify the Table.Column name. The File_Field_ version must use the keyword FILE_FIELD to identify the Table.Column name. These should never be mixed!

// When using Field_ message use the FIELD keyword
Get Field_Mask_Type Field OrderHea.Date to sMaskType

// When using the File_Field_ message use the FILE_FIELD keyword
Get File_Field_Mask_Type of oOrderHea_DD File_Field OrderHea.Date to sMaskType

See Also

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