Class: DescriptionValidationTable

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Provides a two-column table of validation data for validation lists used with DataDictionary objects.



Library: Common (Windows and Web Application) Class Library

Package: Ddvaltbl.pkg


Provides a two-column table of validation data statically defined within the object itself for validation lists used through the Field_Value_Table field property in DataDictionary objects.


Use ddvaltbl.pkg

Object oTerms_Table  is a DescriptionValidationTable
    Procedure Fill_List
        Forward Send Fill_List
        Send Add_Table_Value  "NONE"  "None established"
        Send Add_Table_Value  "COD"  "COD"
        Send Add_Table_Value  "NET30"  "Net 30"
        Send Add_Table_Value  "NET60"  "Net 60"
        Send Add_Table_Value  "NET90"  "Net 90"
        Send Add_Table_Value  "PREPAY"  "Pre-payment required"
Class OrderHea_Data_Set is a DataDictionary

    Procedure Consruct_Object
        Set Field_Value_Table Field Orderhea.Terms to oTerms_Table


This is an object for assignment in DataDictionary objects to database fields with the Field_Value_Table property. It provides both values for insertion into the database and descriptions to explain each value. It is the superclass of a hierarchy of more-capable and -complex validation classes, but is usable in its own right in simple, static situations.

If the Validate_State property is set to False, entries are permitted that are not in the list; in its default True state, it requires an entry that matches one of the existing table items. If the Static_State property is set to False, the list will be filled every time the table is activated; in its default True state, the object is loaded with its list only once in each session.

You can use Find_Code_Description to retrieve the description for a given code in the DescriptionValidationTable.

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