Properties for DfBaseRichEdit

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Line_CountReturns number of lines in control
paValueSets content of control from memory address or places RTF stream in control into memory address
pbAutoUrlToggles the ability for the control to automatically detect URLs and add hyperlinks
pbBoldToggles selected text between bold and normal text
pbCanPasteDetermines whether paste operation can be performed with current format in clipboard
pbCanRedoDetermines whether a redo operation can be performed
pbCanUndoDetermines whether an undo operation can be performed
pbItalicsToggles selected text between italicized and normal text
pbLinkToggles selected text between hyperlinked and normal text
pbProtectToggles selected text between protected and normal text
pbStrikeOutToggles selected text between strikeout and normal text
pbSubScriptToggles selected text between subcripted and normal text
pbSuperScriptToggles selected text between superscripted and normal text
pbUnderlineToggles selected text between underlined and normal text
pbWrapDetermines whether text input will break and wrap to the next line at right margin
peAlignmentSets or returns alignment of selected paragraph or paragraphs
peBulletsSets or returns bullets or numbering of selected paragraph or paragraphs
peBulletStyleSets or returns numbering styles of selected paragraph or paragraphs
peCharSetSets or returns character set of selected text
peLineSpacingTypeDetermines type of line spacing of selected paragraph or paragraphs
pePitchandFamilySets or returns the font pitch and family of selected text
piBulletStartSets or returns the starting number of paragraph numbering of selected paragraph or paragraphs
piBulletTabSets or returns the minimum space between a paragraph bullet or number and the paragraph text of selected paragraph or paragraphs
piFontSizeSets or returns font size of selected text
piFontWeightSets or returns font weight of selected text
piLineSpacingDetermines exact line spacing of selected paragraph or paragraphs
piMaxCharsSets or returns maximum number of characters
piOffsetIndentSets or returns indentation of 2nd and subsequent lines, relative to first line, of selected paragraph or paragraphs
piParagraphIndentSets or returns indentation of selected paragraph or paragraphs
piRightMarginDetermines indentation of right side of control's text, relative to the right margin
piSpacingAfterDetermines the spacing below selected paragraph or paragraphs
piSpacingBeforeDetermines the spacing above selected paragraph or paragraphs
psTypeFaceSets or returns font typeface of selected text
Read_Only_StateDetermines whether users may edit the content of the control
ReadOnlyColorDetermines the background color when the edit control is read-only
TextBackColorSets or returns background color of selected text
TextColorSets or returns color of selected text
ValueSets or returns content of control

Inherited Properties from DfBaseControl

Border_StyleSpecifies the border style of this object

Inherited Properties from DfBaseUIWindow

Mouse_CaptureCauses all DataFlex mouse events to be sent to the object that captures the mouse
Windows_Override_StateAllows DataFlex to stop the default windows behavior for mouse and keyboard messages

Inherited Properties from DfBaseWindow

Absolute_GuiOriginReturns the screen coordinates of the top left corner of a DataFlex object
BitmapDisplays a bitmap in an object
Bitmap_HeightReturns the height of the image contained in the file named by bitmap
Bitmap_StyleSpecifies the position, size, or shape in which the bitmap image for this object is to be displayed
Bitmap_WidthReturns the width of the image contained in the file named by bitmap
ColorThe background color of the object
Container_HandleReturns the Windows window handle of the DataFlex object's container
Extended_Window_StyleSets the extended window style for the Windows object
FontItalicsDetermines if current font is to be italicized
FontPointHeightRepresents the height of an object in points. Suggested mechanism for getting and setting font heights.
FontSizeObsolete Returns/sets the font size of the current font
FontUnderlineDetermines if font will be printed with underscores at the base of the character
FontWeightStriking weight of control's font
GuiLocationDetermines the position of the object expressed in physical pixels relative to the upper left-hand corner of the parent object's client-area
GuiSizeDetermines the size (height and width) of the object expressed in physical pixels
pbSizeToClientAreaDetermines if the object's size is based on the outer window bounding area or the client size area
peAnchorsDescribes how you want the control to react whenever its container changes size
Physical_FontSizeObsolete Specifies the fontsize in pixels
piMaxSizeDetermines the limit of the maximum size that a Component can be
piMinSizeDetermines the limit of the minimum size that a Component can be
Text_ExtentReturns the pixel with of the passed TextValue based on the typeface and style of the current object
TypefaceThe typeface of the selected font
Window_HandleReturns the Windows window handle of the DataFlex object
Window_StyleSets the window style for the Windows object

Inherited Properties from cUIObject

Active_StateIndicates whether or not the object is activated
Attach_Parent_StateDetermines whether an object that is activated will be added to the next level of the current focus (false) or the next level of its parent (true)
Block_Mouse_StateDetermines whether or not the use of the mouse is restricted
Client_Area_StateDetermines if object is a user interface container for children
ContainsFocusDetermines if the container contains the focus
Current_ScopeReturns the object_id of the currently active scoping object
Dynamic_Update_StateDetermines whether or not the image of an object that can be seen will be updated when a change to the object occurs
Entry_msgHook sent whenever the object is about to receive the focus
Error_TextGets the text from FLEXERRS.DAT that corresponds to the passed error number
Error_Text_AvailableDetermines if Error Text is available for this error number
Exit_msgHook sent whenever the object is about to lose the focus
Find_ScopeReturns the scoping object of the current object
FocusReturns the ID of the object that currently has the focus
Focus_ModeDetermines the conditions under which the object will take the focus
Key_PathDetermines the delegation path for on_key key assignments
Last_ChildReturns the Object_Id of the last focus child
LocationDetermines the position of the upper left pixel of the object's window
Module_NameAssists in the process of locating context-sensitive help information
Next_FocusReturns the object that is positioned in the focus tree as the next object at the same level as this object
Next_LevelReturns the object that is positioned in the focus tree as the first object in the next level
Next_ScopeReturns the object that is the next_scope object of the current scope
Popup_StateDetermines whether the object should respond to the standard Activate message, or via the Popup message
Prior_FocusReturns the object that is positioned in the focus tree as the prior object at the same level as this object
Prior_LevelReturns the object that is the root of this object's level in the focus tree
Prior_ScopeReturns the object that is the prior_scope object of the current scope
Ring_StateDetermines whether or not the objects added into the next level of this object are to act as a ring
RingParentReturns the object handle of the object that is its ring parent
Scope_FocusA property of scope objects in the focus tree
Scope_StateDetermines whether the objects at the next level of this object and beyond, are to be scoped by this object
Search_CaseDetermines whether searches performed are case-sensitive or not
SizeDetermines the size of a window in dialog units
Skip_StateDetermines whether or not the switch and switch_back messages skip over this object during focus movement
Visible_StateDetermines whether object is visible

Inherited Properties from cObject

Child_CountReturns the number of child objects the object contains
Delegation_ModeDetermines if and how unknown messages are delegated
NameReturns the full name of the object including parentage
Object_IdReturns the object handle of the object, can be used to determine if an object exists
Object_LabelReturns the short name of an object
ParentReturns the parent of an object
peNeighborhoodDetermines how an object and its descendents participate in object neighborhood referencing