Bitmap - DfBaseWindow

Displays a bitmap in an object

Type: Property

Access: Write-Only

Data Type: String

Parameters: None

 Property String Bitmap

Write Access: Set Bitmap to StringVariable/Value


The Bitmap message will display a bitmap in an object. In other words, the bitmap becomes the background of the object.
Bitmap_Style determines how and where the bitmap will display in the object.

There are two potential drawbacks to using bitmaps: the amount of storage (on disk) , and the constant memory consumption.


This sample sets the bitmap to "MyBitmap.bmp".

set Bitmap to "MyBitmap.bmp"

In order to make a cohesive application, DataFlex must find the .EXE file and the .bmp (bitmap) file, by using DFPATH.

DataFlex supports transparency for bitmaps using the /t and /3d flags:

set Bitmap to "MyBitmap.bmp/3d/t"

Please see Programming for Transparency for more information.

This property has been deprecated for the Button class, please use psImage instead.