GuiSize - DfBaseWindow

Determines the size (height and width) of the object expressed in physical pixels

Type: Property

Access: Read/Write

Data Type: Folded Integer

Parameters: None


GuiSize determines the size (height and width) of the object expressed in physical pixels (the native display-coordinate system).

Window Bounding and Client Area Sizing

The pbSizeToClientArea property in container objects allows for sizing to be based on a container's window bounding (outer) size or (inner) client area size. When True, client area sizing is used and sizing properties Size, GuiSize, piMinSize, and piMaxSize will apply to the window's client area. When False, these properties apply to the outer, non-client area.

All other objects use window bounding sizing (outer sizing).

When this property is set, two integer parameters are passed as specified in the parameter list. When the value of the property is retrieved, the value of these two properties is returned as a folded integer. The value of these parameters can be accessed using the hi() and low() functions.

The property is set as follows:

Set GuiSize to iHeight iWidth

The property is retrieved as follows:

Get GuiSize to iValue
Move (Hi(iValue)) to iHeight
Move (Low(iValue)) to iWidth

Of Note

Normally objects are sized using the size message which uses logical coordinates (usually dialog units). Setting logical coordinates also sets the physical (gui) coordinates.

If an object's size is set using the GuiSize message, the Adjust_Logicals message should be sent to adjust the object's logical coordinates.

Procedure Example
    Integer iHeightWidth iHeight iWidth

    Get GuiSize to iHeightWidth
    Move  (Hi(iHeightWidth)) to iHeight
    Move (Low(iHeightWidth)) to iWidth
    Set GuiSize to (iHeight +20) (iWidth+10)

    Send Adjust_Logicals

GuiToDialog and DialogToGui can be used to convert Gui and Dialog metrics.

See Also

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