Physical_FontSize - DfBaseWindow

Obsolete Specifies the fontsize in pixels

Type: Property

Access: Read/Write

Data Type: Folded Integer

Parameters: None



Use FontPointHeight.

The size of the font is the height of the character cell and the width of the character cell expressed in units of the native coordinate system (e.g., pixels). If either height or width is 0, the system will set the font size using the aspect ratio of the typeface.

When this property is set, two integer parameters are passed as specified in the parameter list. When the value of the property is retrieved, the value of these two properties is returned as a folded integer. The value of these parameters can be accessed using the hi() and low() functions.

The property is set as follows:

Set Physical_FontSize to iRowPos iColPos

The property is retrieved as follows:

Get Physical_FontSize to iValue
Move (Hi(iValue)) to iHeight
Move (Low(iValue)) to iWidth