Class: Prototype_Entry [Obsolete]

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Helper Class used by DEO Grid classes (dbGrids and dbLists) to define row information



Library: Windows Application Class Library

Package: Protoent.pkg


This class is obsolete. Lists and Grids are now created using the cCJGrid and cDbCJGrid classes.

As of revision 16.0, DataFlex includes full support for Codejock Software's COM Report Control package for creating grids. See Using Grids for more information.

The Prototype_Entry class is used by the DEO dbGrid and dbList classes to help define information about each a row in the grid. A child prototype_entry object is created that is used to model each row added to a data-aware grid.

For the most part, this class and object created based on this class are considered part of the implementation detail of DEO grids. You will never create objects or sub-classes based on this class. Most access to information in this child object is handled by the DEO grid class and, therefore, you will rarely need to access properties from objects based on this class.

In those rare cases where you do need to access information from this class you will do so by querying the dbGrid or dbList's prototype_object property. This contains a handle pointer to the prototype_entry object.

Get Prototype_entry of oOrderGrid to hoElement
Get data_file   of hoElement 0 to iFirstColumnFile
Get data_field of hoElement 0 to iFirstColumnField