Class: ReportView

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Provides a non-modal user interface view for running reports



Library: Windows Application Class Library

Package: Dfrptvw.pkg

Mixins: ReportView_Mixin


ReportView is used to provide a non-modal user interface view for running reports.


// MyReport.vw
// Use whatever packages are needed
Activate_View Activate_MyReport for  MyReport
Object oMyReport is a ReportView
    visual objects
    reporting object(s)


A report view is similar to a data-entry view (dbView) except that it is used to print a report or execute a batch process. It is selected from a popup menu (most likely a Reports menu) and is accessed the same way a data-entry view is accessed. The view dialog is modeless until the actual reporting process starts. A report view will be contained in its own source code (with the standard .vw view-filename extension). These might contain any combination of report types (BasicReport, cWinReport2). While possible, this type of mixing would be unusual.