ComApplyOptions - cCJComSkinFramework

Exposes the ApplyOptions Codejock COM property in the DataFlex proxy class

Type: Property

Access: Read/Write

Data Type: SkinFrameworkApplyOptions

Parameters: None

 Property SkinFrameworkApplyOptions ComApplyOptions

Read Access: Get ComApplyOptions to SkinFrameworkApplyOptionsVariable
Write Access: Set ComApplyOptions to SkinFrameworkApplyOptionsVariable/Value


This exposes the ApplyOptions Codejock COM property in the DataFlex proxy class.

This class provides a standard COM import wrapper for Codejock SkinFramework class. All methods, properties and events are the standard COM interfaces for this class. In DataFlex each Codejock object or collection name is prefixed with "cCJ", each COM Property or method name is prefixed with "Com", and each event name is prefixed with "OnCom".

For an overview on the DataFlex implementation of the Skin Framework, refer to Skinning Windows Applications.

For more information about the Codejock COM Skin Framework interface, refer to Codejock's Skin Framework documentation (class: SkinFramework, property: ApplyOptions)