Properties for cJsonObject

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JsonValueGets or Sets JSON Value
pbRequireAllMembersDetermines if JsonToDataType will give errors if a struct member does not exist in the JSON structure
pbUseVariantMetaDataDetermines how variants are serialized
peWhitespaceControls if/how whitespace is added to the generated JSON when calling the Stringify function
psParseErrorIf ParseString or ParseUtf8 failed, this property contains the error description.

Inherited Properties from cObject

Child_CountReturns the number of child objects the object contains
Delegation_ModeDetermines if and how unknown messages are delegated
NameReturns the full name of the object including parentage
Object_IdReturns the object handle of the object, can be used to determine if an object exists
Object_LabelReturns the short name of an object
ParentReturns the parent of an object
peNeighborhoodDetermines how an object and its descendents participate in object neighborhood referencing