Class: cLoginEncryption

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Manages login password encryption and decryption for Managed Connections



Library: Common (Windows and Web Application) Class Library

Package: cLoginEncryption.pkg


The cLoginEncryption class manages login password encryption and decryption for Managed Connections.

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The LoginEncryption.pkg creates an object that is used to manage login password encryption and decryption. It determines the rules for password encryption. It can be replaced with a custom package of the developer's choosing.

The cConnection's pbEncryptPassword property determines if a password encryption is used. If true, an encryption object is required. If false, no password encryption is needed. If false, the encryption package is not required and may be removed from your code. When the encryption object is required, an unhandled programming error will be raised if the encryption object is missing or not properly defined.

The cLoginEncryption object must be created before a connection is added. If connections are created automatically by the cApplication object, this means that the encryption object must be created before the cApplication object's End_Object. Placing it inside of the cConnection object is the recommended location.

Login Credentials for Managed Connections in Web Applications

Windows Applications, by default, include a connection dialog (included via "Use DatabaseLoginDialog.dg"). Since Web Applications cannot display Windows dialogs and the DataFlex Web Application Service typically uses a different Windows user id than your Studio developer Windows user id, especially when deploying an application, we have added a Windows application template in the Studio under File > Create New > Project named "Managed Conenction Login Project". This creates a small Windows application that allows you to set the credentials for Managed Applications. Once it has been run, you can then run a Web Application in the same workspace to use those credentials.