Object_Label - cObject

Returns the short name of an object

Type: Property

Access: Read-Only

Data Type: String

Parameters: None

 Property String Object_Label

Read Access: Get Object_Label to StringVariable


Object_Label returns the short name of the object using the Name property. The short name consists of the name used to create the object and does not include parent names.

If you are creating objects dynamically, use the CreateNamed method to assign an Object_Label to the dynamic object.

This method is often useful when debugging an application.

Object oMyName is a cObject 

Get Object_Label of oMyName to sName
showln "The short name is " sName // this should show "The short name is OMYNAME"

This allows you to determine which object has he focus.

Get Focus of Desktop to hoFocus
Get Object_Label of hoFocus to sName
showln "The focus is currently at " sName

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