Class: cSelectFolderDialog

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Allows users to select a folder in Windows



Library: Windows Application Class Library

Package: cSelectFolderDialog.pkg


cSelectFolderDialog allows users to choose a file in Windows. It permits users to select an existing folder, or create a new folder to select (by right-clicking in the dialog and selecting New >Folder from the context menu).

OpenDialog allows selecting of a file instead of a folder.


This sample shows how to retrieve a user-selected folder from a cSelectFolderDialog. The dialog's initial location is set to "C:\".

Use cSelectFolderDialog.pkg

Object oSelectFolderButton is a Button
    Set Location to 4 187
    Set Label to 'Select a Folder'

    Procedure OnClick
        String sFolder
        Handle hoDialog
        // dynically create a cSelectFolderDialog object
        Get Create (RefClass(cSelectFolderDialog)) to hoDialog
        Get SelectFolder of hoDialog "Choose Folder" "C:\" to sFolder
        If (sFolder <> "") Send Info_Box sFolder
        Else Send Info_Box "No Folder Selected"
        // destroy the dialog object
        Send Destroy of hoDialog