Entering - cUIObject

Fires when the focus is about to move to a new object, sent to the object receiving the focus

Type: Event

Return Data Type: Integer

Parameters: None

Return Value

Returning a non zero value from the entering procedure cancels movement of the focus.

Procedure Entering Returns Integer


When the focus is about to move to a new object, the exiting event is sent to the object receiving the focus.

If Entering is not overridden, its function is to send the message identified in the value of the Entry_msg property.

This event is used to perform any pre-processing to the object before it receives the focus. Entering is suitable for defining the entry behavior of object classes, while Entry_msg is suitable for object inheritance of entry behavior.

Procedure Entering Returns Integer
    Integer iReturnVal

    Forward Get Msg_Entering to iReturnVal

    Procedure_Return iReturnVal

TabPage and dbTabPage Classes

This event only triggers for classes TabPage and dbTabPage if the tab button receives the focus.