Focus_Mode - cUIObject

Determines the conditions under which the object will take the focus

Type: Property

Access: Read/Write

Data Type: Integer

Parameters: None

 Property Integer Focus_Mode

Read Access: Get Focus_Mode to IntegerVariable
Write Access: Set Focus_Mode to IntegerVariable/Value


Focus_Mode determines the conditions under which the object will take the focus.

Valid Options
FocusableWhen set to Focusable (default), the object will accept the focus whenever it receives the Activate message. Most objects in an application are set this way and will respond normally to the Activate message.
NonFocusableWhen set to NonFocusable, the object will refuse to accept the focus. This mode is typically used for objects that need to be placed on the screen but are never allowed to take the focus. Object classes such as TextBoxes and LineControls are activated in this way.
No_ActivateWhen set to No_Activate, the object will always refuse to accept the focus, unless the Popup_State is True and the object is activated via the Popup message.


Set Focus_Mode to Focusable
Set Focus_Mode to NonFocusable
Set Focus_Mode to No_Activate

The Pointer_Only option is not supported under Windows.

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