Events for cWebApp

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OnAttachProcessWhen process pooling is used, this event is sent to every WBO object and finally to the parent WebApp object
OnChangeRightsCalled whenever user rights are changed in the standard session manager object (cWebSessionManagerStandard)
OnDetachProcessWhen process pooling is used, this event is sent first to the WebApp object and then to every WBO object
OnGeneratePageTitleTriggered when the page title is automatically updated and allows developers to customize the title format
OnHistoryPopStateCalled when the back button is used in the browser and the history item was pushed using HistoryPushState
OnLocationHashChangeContains the location hash part of the URL
OnOrientationChangeFired when the orientation changes on a mobile device
OnResizeWindowFired when the window size of the browser changes at runtime and during initialization
ReadSessionKeyUsed to read a session key
StoreSessionKeyCalled whenever a session key is stored by the Framework

Inherited Events from cWebBaseUIObject

AllowServerActionProvides a basic hook for controlling server actions based on user rights
OnCloseModalDialogSent by a modal dialog to its invoking object when the dialog closes

Inherited Events from cWebObject

OnCallEndCalled at the end of a webapp client call
OnGetNavigateBackDataCalled during a NavigateClose operation, used to pass data back for a non-relational lookup in a mobile web application (drilldown interface)
OnGetNavigateForwardDataCan be used by the developer to customize the data in tWebNavigateData during forward navigation in a mobile web application (drilldown interface)
OnLoadCalled for each cWebObject during LoadView or LoadWebApp
OnNavigateBackSent to the object that invoked the view that is being closed in a mobile web application (drilldown interface)

Inherited Events from cObject

Construct_ObjectObject constructor. Initializes the object during object creation in class definitions
Destroy_ObjectSent when an object is about to be destroyed
End_Construct_ObjectEnd of object constructor.