NavigateToPage - cWebApp

Opens a URL in a new browser tab, a new browser window or replaces your web application

Type: Procedure

Parameters: String sURL Integer eBrowserTarget

sURLThe URL to open
eBrowserTargetValid values are:

btCurrentWindowOpen in current browser window
btNewTabOpen in new browser tab
btNewWindowOpen in new Browser window

Procedure NavigateToPage String sURL Integer eBrowserTarget

Call: Send NavigateToPage sURL eBrowserTarget


Send NavigateToPage to open a URL in a new browser tab, a new browser window or to replace your web application (using the current browser window).

If you pass the btCurrentWindow parameter, then the passed URL will displace your web application on the browser.

You can use NavigateNewWindow to open a new window with a specific size.


This sample shows how to open a new browser tab that navigates to the Data Access Worldwide home page when a button or menu item is clicked.

Procedure OnClick
    Forward Send OnClick 
    Send NavigateToPage "" btNewTab

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