ShowInfoBox - cWebApp

Displays a modal information dialog with a message and a caption

Type: Procedure

Parameters: String sMessage String sOptCaption

sMessageMessage to be shown
sOptCaption(Optional) Message caption

Procedure ShowInfoBox String sMessage String sOptCaption

Call: Send ShowInfoBox sMessage sOptCaption


The ShowInfoBox message is used to display a message and title caption.

Send ShowInfoBox "Testing 1 2 3" "Test"

To insert a line break, insert "\n\r" into your text.

Send ShowInfoBox "This is the first line of text.\n\rThis is the second line of text." "Test"

The ShowYesNo message is used to handle yes/no confirmations. It uses the lower level ShowMessageBox, which can also be used to process other types of custom confirmations.

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