peApplicationStyle - cWebApp

Determines whether the WebApp uses the Desktop (user-driven) UI or the Mobile/Touch (drilldown) UI

Type: Property

Access: Read/Write

Data Type: Integer

Parameters: None

 Property Integer peApplicationStyle

Read Access: Get peApplicationStyle to IntegerVariable
Write Access: Set peApplicationStyle to IntegerVariable/Value


The DataFlex Web Framework supports two styles of web applications: Desktop and Mobile/Touch.

Desktop style web applications use our user-driven interface; the mobile/touch style utilizes a drilldown interface.

Valid settings for peApplicationStyle are: wvsDesktop or wvsDrillDown

Note that whether your web application uses the Desktop or Mobile/Touch style is not determined by this property setting alone. Each style requires a different design approach and your web application will be structurally and functionally different for each style. Refer to the Developing Web Applications help topic for more information.

When you create a new web application using the Mobile Web Project or the Desktop Web Project wizard, the correct setting for this property will be made for you.