psEncryptPassword - cWebApp

Used by the framework to encrypt values and generation of checksums

Type: Property

Access: Read/Write

Data Type: String

Parameters: None

 Property String psEncryptPassword

Read Access: Get psEncryptPassword to StringVariable
Write Access: Set psEncryptPassword to StringVariable/Value


This password is used by the framework to encrypt values and generation of checksums.

The cWebResourceManager uses this value as a password for encrypting values into generated download URLs. The cWebView and cWebApp classes use this password to generate a checksum to protect RowIds from being changed on the client. We advise you to change this password for each deployed application to increase the level of security.

If pbEncryptPassword is True, this encryption key used to encrypt and decrypt the database login password used for database logins (cConnection class).

If this property is left blank, you will get an error message "No encryption password set".