Methods for cWebAppLogReader

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CloseWebAppLogProcedureCloses the log file
NextLogEntryFunctionMoves to the next log entry
OpenWebAppLogFromFileFunctionOpens a log from a file
OpenWebAppLogFromRegisteredAppFunctionOpens a log from a registered WebApp
ReadEntireLogFunctionRetrieves the complete log file
ReadLogEntryFunctionRetrieves the current log entry

Inherited Methods from cObject

ChildByIndexFunctionCan be used to iterate the direct children of an object
ClassSuperClassFunctionReturns the superclass of the passed class
CreateFunctionCreates an object based on the passed Class Id
CreateNamedFunctionCreates an object based on the passed Class Id and assigns it a name Name based on a passed name
DestroyProcedureDestroys the object that receives the message and any child objects of that object
Exit_ApplicationProcedureStarts the process of closing an application
IsClassOfClassFunctionDetermines whether the target class is part of the searched class's hierarchy
IsObjectOfClassFunctionDetermines whether the passed class is part of the object's class hierarchy
ObjectClassFunctionReturns the integer class ID assigned to the class this object is based on
Request_Destroy_ObjectProcedureUse the Destroy method instead [Obsolete]